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IBN Internal

Insurance Broking and Risks Protection

IBN will help analyze, design and properly maintain integrated risk
management approach that will help to reduce or eliminate potential
adverse effects of loss exposures confronting a client. IBNa€?s over 60 yearsa€?
experience in the Nigerian market and strong market leverage is unrivalled.


Our focus includes:

         We always put our clients first

         We exceed our service expectations

         We create products and markets that provide ample protections to
risks of clientsa€? operations

         We ensure quick and efficient resolution of claims


Insurance Broking Services

IBNa€?s specialty. Ours is a value-added industry-specific risk and insurance
broking services focused to meet each clienta€?s insurance protection needs.
Our industry specialty focuses ona€|



Industrial Risks Protection Consultants (IRPC)

Industrial Risks Protection Consultants (IRPC) is Nigeriaa€?s pioneer loss
control experts. IRPC is our professional risk engineering, loss prevention
and riska€|



Resource Benefits Associates (RBA)

People are the most vital resource of every successful organisation. Our
human capital and benefits specialists provide consulting services on
employeesa€? healtha€|



Wholesale Reinsurance Services

Nigeriaa€?s local content and insurance regulations in a non-admitted market
requires effective innovative solutions to create reinsurance market
capacity behinda€|


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Head Office

Insurance Brokers of Nigeria Limited
4 Ilabere Avenue, Ikoyi
Lagos, Nigeria


Official Website


Business Hours

Monday-Friday: 8am a€“ 5pm
Saturday: closed
Sunday: closed



Lagos Office: +234 1 4615234-5
Abuja Office: +234 705 2290408
Kaduna Office: +234 705 1190368